Instructions for viewing the operaofmeaning server. Please note that this is an initial prototype that was put on the web for demonstration purposes. Parts of the server might not be functional and there are times where it will be offline for development.

You would need more then one machine connected to the Internet to experience the performance and the audience directed participation. The main story should be shown on a separate screen, desirably projected.

Moderator functions:
go to
select a button (page)

User GUI:
go on another machine(s) to and click enter.

Main story display:
connect a projector or use another monitor and go to
click enter. This is the main show - performance of the Kamza and Bar Kamza story with 3 windows
1 - showing the performance
2 - showing the visual associations / setting
3 - user interaction / shared canvas

now, as the story progresses on the main screens, you click on the moderator controls and push new content to the audience that is relevant at every scene, trigger sounds and images (bottom buttons) and so on..

The shared canvas calls the JoinSee server from SFC KEIO.

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